Act VI, Scene 5

(Tilak and Aurobindo with the Nationalists and the Revolutionaries.)

TILAK: So, Aurobindo Babu, they dub me the deliberate breaker of the Congress.

AUROBINDO: How could you expect anything better from such fools? Would they ever care to know that to no one else is the catastrophe so great a blow as to your patriotic heart? You are absolutely right in disliking the do-nothingness of that assembly. That you valued it both as a great national fact and for its unrealised possibilities and hoped to make of it a central organisation for practical work is a matter of great joy to me. I am sure you will be remembered by all “so long as our Motherland has pride in its past and hope for its future.”

TILAK: Alas, it is my own countrymen who let loose the full flood of their abuse upon me. But to my joy your fate will be otherwise. All those who have true love of the country will come to love you, admire your great sacrifice and adore the Seer in you.