Act VI, Scene 6

(Baroda. Sardar Majumdar’s Wada. Aurobindo in a small room. Enter Lele Maharaj. With a bow Aurobindo motions him to a seat. Lele sits down and keeps his eyes fixed on Sri Aurobindo.)

AUROBINDO: I need your help in my sadhana.

LELE: I see in you a jnani-bhakta — a rare blessing. But why are you so weighted with thoughts?

AUROBINDO: Wave after wave of thought. How difficult it is to escape their onrush!

LELE: But I always take you to be an exception. Come, let us sit down on the floor.

(They sit down.)

LELE: Sit in meditation, but do not think, look only at your mind; you will see thoughts coming into it; before they can enter throw these away from your mind till your mind is capable of entire silence.

AUROBINDO: Let me try.

(He accepts Lele’s statement with absolute faith and follows his instructions to the letter. He begins to meditate. After one day all thought ceases. Three days, during which a little food is taken mechanically from a plate, pass by. There is the full realisation of Nirvana. Lele communicates again with Aurobindo on the third day.)

LELE: Wonderful! What I wanted from you, you have done within three days. It took me six long years to still my mind. And, even so, what you have achieved seems something much vaster than I had expected. I cannot quite fathom that look on your face…

(Aurobindo is in deep silence.)