Act VI, Scene 7

(Bombay. After his address at a meeting of the Bombay National Union, Aurobindo returns to the residence of a friend. Standing on a balcony he looks out on the city.)

AUROBINDO: I see the whole busy movement of Bombay as a picture in a cinema-show, all unreal and shadowy. The entire material world is quite unsubstantial, void. Ever since I had the experience of the vacant state of Nirvana the silent Infinite alone has become real to me.

(Enter Lele.)

AUROBINDO (with a bowed head): Quite a success. I made a perfect void of my mind and followed your instructions to the letter after my Namaskar to the audience. Soon a voice from within me started speaking. Immediately there were thundering cheers.

LELE: Arvind, I was fully aware of it. Your inner Guide spoke through you.

AUROBINDO: Quite so, Lele Maharaj. Before I received your assurance I was in great anxiety. Not even one useful thought flashed across my mind. How could I constructively address a big gathering? But it all turned out wonderfully well. Lele Maharaj, you may read my heart and see how grateful I am to you.

LELE: And in my heart I am profoundly proud of you.