Act VII, Scene 1

(4 May 1908. Aurobindo's residence — 48 Grey Street, Calcutta. Aurobindo is asleep. It is 5 a.m.) Sarojini rushes into Aurobindo's room.)

SAROJINI (waking up Aurobindo): Sejda, Sejda! Police! Police!

(Aurobindo gets up. Enter Police Superintendent Creagan and party.)

CREAGAN: Are you Mr. Aurobindo Ghosh?


CREAGAN (pointing to the police): Handcuff and tie him up, ransack the whole house. (Turning to Aurobindo.) They say you are a B.A. Is it not beneath your dignity to sleep in such a small, unfurnished room?

AUROBINDO: I am poor, and live a poor life.

CREAGAN (at the top of his voice): Then to become rich you have done all this? Now take the consequences. (To the police.) Wait, I'm coming back.

(Exit Creagan.)

AUROBINDO (to himself): Poor obtuse Englishman, how can you appreciate the values of self-imposed poverty and of self-dedication to the cause of one's Motherland?

(Enter Krishna Kumar Mitra, Editor of Sanjibani, uncle of Aurobindo, and solicitor Bhupen Bose. His uncle is unable to resist tears. Re-enter Creagan.)

BHUPEN (addressing Creagan): You are not entitled to treat Aurobindo like that. Take off the handcuffs and the rope.

(Creagan orders removal of the handcuffs and the cord.)