Act VII, Scene 2

(Alipore Central Jail. A solitary cell 9' x 5' with a small courtyard in front. Aurobindo in contemplation. A column of blue Light from above descends and illumines his cell. A god-like figure emerges from the Light.)

FIGURE: How do you find your jail life here?

AUROBINDO: To me it's no jail. It is my Yogashram.

FIGURE: Yogashram?

AUROBINDO: Decidedly.

FIGURE: Your enemies have put you here.

AUROBINDO: I was striving hard to see Narayana within me as Friend, Master or Providence, but could not. Family ties, attachment to work and a number of other things stood like a wall between Him and me. Now those whom you call my enemies have peremptorily broken those attachments and whisked me away as if from my moorings and put me here in this splendid isolation where I can, quite undisturbed, dive into my depths and see my Lord, my Friend, my Guardian, my Guide, my All-in-all face-to-face. That is why I find in this solitary cell my precious seclusion for union with the Self of my self. He gave me an affectionate family, loving relations, friends, well-wishers, admirers countless in number but more than any one of them, more than all of them put together, my so-called enemies have done me the greatest good. They are no longer my enemies. They are the best of my friends. And this is not the only instance. It is one out of many. Hence, I say, enemies I have none.