Act VII, Scene 3

(Statement of Barindra Kumar Ghosh before L. Birley, Magistrate of the first class at Alipore.)

BIRLEY: Do you wish to make a statement before me?8


BIRLEY: Do you understand that your statement being made before a Magistrate will be admissible as evidence against you?


BIRLEY: Is your statement being made voluntarily or has any pressure been put upon you to make it?

BARIN: It is quite voluntary.

BIRLEY: Will you tell me what you have to say?

BARIN: Whatever I had to say I have said in a written statement.

BIRLEY: Have you any objection to making that statement to me here?

BARIN: Shall I begin at the very beginning?

BIRLEY: Yes… When were you arrested?

BARIN: The day before yesterday, early in the morning.

BIRLEY: Where?

BARIN: At 32 Muraripukur Road.

BIRLEY: Who else was there?

BARIN: Ullaskar Dutt, Upendra Nath Banerji, Indra Bhusan Rai, Bibhuti Bhusan Sarkar, Paresh Chandra Mallick, Nolini Kanta Gupta, Kunja Lal Saha, Sachindra Nath Sen, Purna Chandra Sen, Hemendra Nath Ghosh, Sisir Kumar Ghosh, Bijoy Kanta Nag and others.

Please take down my motive for disclosing these names. Our party was divided as to the propriety of disclosing these names. Some thought they would deny everything and take the consequences but I persuaded them all to give written and oral statements to inspector Ramsaday Mukerji because I believe that, as the band was found out, it was best not to do any other work in the country, and because we ought to save the innocent.

DB 51,2. B.C. Chatterjee, Alipore Bomb Trial.