Act VII, Scene 5

(Alipore Jail. Aurobindo in his cell.)

AUROBINDO: Ten days' fast, with sleep once in three nights, has left me no whit weaker, rather I feel greater energy. Now it's time for sirsasana. (He stands on his head. Enter Andrews Frazer, Lieutenant Governor, Bengal, with his aide-de-camp. He is surprised to see the Yogic posture of balancing the body on the head.)

FRAZER: What is all this, Mr. Ghosh? (No answer.)

FRAZER: Mr. Ghosh! (No answer.)

AIDE-DE-CAMP: He is practising Yoga.

FRAZER: What is Yoga?

AIDE-DE-CAMP: It is a process of seeing God.

FRAZER: Queer! Sheer nonsense.

(Exeunt Frazer and his aide-de-camp. Aurobindo is sitting relaxed. Enter a Scotch sergeant.)

SERGEANT (in a tone of bravado): So, Arabinda, you are at last caught.

AUROBINDO: Yet shall I escape.

(Enter the Jail doctor, Mr. Daly.)

DALY: It pains me to see you confined to this solitary cell. The jail Superintendent has kindly listened to my request. He has allowed you to have a walk in the open courtyard.

AUROBINDO (smiling): I thank you both.