Act VII, Scene 6

(Aurobindo in his cell. Early morning.)

AUROBINDO: I wonder from where this fragrance is coming. There is no flower near by, nor even a gentle breeze.

(A voice breaks out in the silence.)

VOICE: I am Vivekananda. I want to speak to you about the workings of the consciousness above the mind.

AUROBINDO: Above the mind?

VOICE: Yes. I myself had no idea of such workings while I was in the body. Now I have it and I will help you with it. For this I shall visit you every day for about two weeks.

AUROBINDO: I believe these workings would lead towards some Supreme Dynamic Knowledge.

VOICE: That is for you to discover. I can but show what I have found. The world's burden of progress rests upon your shoulders. It is a great happiness to find you ready to bear it. Godspeed.

(The spirit of Vivekananda disappears.)