Act VIII, Scene 9

(Aurobindo's boat touches at Chandernagore.)

AUROBINDO: Biren, go to Charu Chandra Roy and ask him if he agrees to my stay in his house.

(Exit Biren. Biren comes to the residence of Charu Bhandra Boy.)

CHARU: Yes, please?

BIREN: Aurobindo Babu wants to know if you can agree to his stay in your house without letting anybody know. He is at the Ghat, waiting in a boat for your word.

CHARU: Please ask him to excuse my inability. With a heavy heart I tell you this. My connection with the Government you know…

(Biren comes out. Sisir Ghosh follows him.)

SISIR: My young friend, do not lose heart. I shall take you to somebody who will gladly receive him.

BIREN (delighted): Who, who is he?

SISIR: He is Motilal Roy.

(They now reach Motilal Roy's residence.)

SISIR: Aurobindo Babu whom you regard so highly is at the Ghat. Can you arrange for his secret stay in our town?

MOTILAL: Why this question of secrecy?

BIREN: The Government were planning to arrest and deport him. A timely warning came and, after a little concentration, he has got the command from Above to come here and remain in secret.

(Motilal hastens to the Ghat and asks the boatmen to take the boat near his house.)