Act VIII, Scene 10

(Motilal Roy’s residence. First floor. A furniture godown. Aurobindo in meditation with eyes open. Enter Motilal with a dish in hand.)

MOTILAL: It seems you are in another world. You look absorbed in your depths. Will you tell me if I have a chance of taking to Yoga?

AUROBINDO: Certainly you have.

MOTILAL: My family tie…

AUROBINDO: That’s nothing.

MOTILAL: Then, pray tell me how I can take up the spiritual life.

AUROBINDO: Try to surrender everything to God.

MOTILAL: Will it be possible for me?

AUROBINDO: Why not? God is within and without us. He himself will do your Yoga.

MOTILAL: Then please show me the easiest path.

AUROBINDO: Surrender, that is the easiest. Try to surrender all you have and all you are.

MOTILAL (bowing down to Aurobindo’s feet): Please give me your Blessing.

AUROBINDO (Smiling and then placing his hand upon Motilal’s head): If you must have it, here it is.