Act I, Scene 6

(The child is in the lap of his mother. She is fondling him.)

SWARNA: My child, are you the Lord of my dream? I have seen you time and again. Today my dream has donned the cloak of reality.

(Enter her father, Rishi Rajnarayan)

RISHI: Swarna, I have come to see my Beloved, the Lord of the Gods.

SWARNA: There you are, Father. (Swarnalata places the child on her father’s lap.)

RISHI (with a broad smile he lifts the child onto his head.): Ah! It is Aurobindo, it is a lotus, still in the bud.

SWARNA: Father, I see no wonder in his face. In my dream he was the Wonder of Wonders.

RISHI: My daughter, do not look at him with your earthly eyes. To me he remains the same as in my vision when I saw him as the Light of the world. Never forget that God is the Thaumaturge of thaumaturges. Therefore, his appearance has put a mask on his real nature. Swarna, what a pride now tingles through my blood! My heart is swayed by a riot of joy. Krishna, Krishna is come. Dark clouds of doubt must not blight your vision. He is our Aurobindo. He is the Divine Lotus. Petal by petal He will bloom to a perfect perfection.