Act I, Scene 7

(The parlour of Dr. K.D. Ghosh. Evening sets in.)

K.D.: I have a fine proposal, Swarna. I would like to call in an Englishman.

SWARNA: What for?

K.D.: To tutor Benoy and Mano in English.

SWARNA: And then…

K.D.: For Auro an English governess.

SWARNA: If my approval has any value then you have it hundred per cent.

K.D.: Something more…

SWARNA: What is it?

K.D.: Starting from to-day, indeed from to-day on, Bengali is not to be spoken in our house. English, only English. How I wish my children could speak in English, write in English, think in English and even dream in English! They must be Englishmen to the core. I shall soon send them to Darjeeling and place them in a convent school. A few years later, I shall take them to London. My sons must be among the brightest jewels in India's crown.

SWARNA: An exquisite plan, indeed. But before that why not say that you want to send me to the land of Death? How dare you think that I can endure the absence of my sweet children? I will go mad.

K.D.: I knew it well that the mother in your heart is too strong. You are a typical Bengali woman. You want your sons to be helpless, mere babes in arms. Your pale, pathetic look pierces my heart. Swarna, your skin must not lose its colour because of worry. Do not be upset.

SWARNA: I am sorry. It is not in me to cross you. But you have given me a great shock.