Act IX, Scene 6

(Time: 5 p.m. Tea is served in Aurobindo’s cabin. Aurobindo and Bijoy come down to the lower deck, receive Srinivasachari and Moni and take them to the tea-table.)

SRINIVASACHARI: I am sorry I suspected your emissary. I have instructed him to come a little later with your companion and your luggage. You and I can proceed in a pousse-pousse waiting for us.10

AUROBINDO: First have a cup of tea before we land.

SRINIVASACHARI: Thanks, Aurobindo Babu, thanks. The fish-shaped biscuits play upon my nerves.

AUROBINDO: Biscuits are biscuits. There is no fish in them. What is your objection then?

SRINIVASACHARI: My conscience would prick me all the same.

(Moni and Bijoy, amused, exchange glances, and smile. Then they both empty the dishes.)

SRINIVASACHARI: My heart is too full of joy at your arrival to say anything. One of my friends has suggested to me that Shanker Chetty’s house would suit you best. So I have taken a part of it for your use. Come along with me to the shore. We have first to board a catamaran.

DB 75,2. Pousse-pousse, “Push-push”: a three-wheeled vehicle pushed from behind by the rickshawalla and directed by the passenger himself with the help of a rod attached to the small front wheel.