Act IX, Scene 7

(Shanker Chetty’s house. Some months later. Aurobindo in a room on the top floor. Moni and Bijoy.)

MONI: You have fasted for the last 23 days. When are you going to stop it?

AUROBINDO (with a smile): To-day.

MONI: To-day! What shall we prepare for you?

AUROBINDO: Nothing special. Normal food.

BIJOY: All your ways are strange. How was it possible for you to carry on your eight-hour walk, your literary activity and meditation, every day with no omission of any item during such a long fast? May I know? And now instead of starting with bits of fruit and suchlike things you’ll take a full normal meal!

AUROBINDO: Do Yoga and you will understand. You are aware that in the Alipore jail I fasted for ten days. I was then in the thick of Yogic practices. No doubt, I began losing weight. But I could easily lift above my head a big pail of water, which I could not do before.

MONI: Is it ever possible to prolong life without food?

AUROBINDO: Certainly.

MONI: But how?

AUROBINDO: By drawing energy from the Vital Plane instead of depending on the physical elements and nourishment.

MONI: I shall try it. Bijoy, do you want to follow me?

BIJOY: Most gladly, and by all means. But first you come out successful. After all, life is very precious.

MONI: Not for nothing did Rabindranath sing, Ekla Chalo Re [Walk your way alone].

BIJOY: But not for long are you to walk alone. I shall dog you the moment I see a particle of success in your risky adventure.

AUROBINDO (with a smile): Moni, it seems you are putting the cart before the horse.

(Bijoy bursts into a roar of laughter. Moni looks crestfallen.)

Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, The Descent of the Blue.First published by Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse in 1972.

This is the 3000th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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