Act IX, Scene 9

(Subramanya Bharati, the greatest poet of Tamil Nad, visibly excited sweeps into Aurobindo's room.)

AUROBINDO: Why so excited?

BHARATI: There is a grave reason for it. The British Government have conspired with the French Administration to have us, the political refugees, moved out of Pondicherry.


BHARATI: We must escape. Immediately or as soon as possible.


BHARATI: To any of the three places — Jibuti, Indo-China or Tripoli.

AUROBINDO: Mr. Bharati, I am not going to budge an inch from Pondicherry. I know nothing will happen to me. As for yourself you can do what you like.

BHARATI: Your stand bewilders me. No, it inspires me. I will follow you, irrespective of what others may do.

AUROBINDO: Rest assured, nothing will happen to us.

BHARATI: I truly feel that not only Pondicherry is hallowed by the touch of your feet, but the whole of South India. No mere sentiment, this.