Act IX, Scene 10

(Aurobindo's house, 41, Rue Francois Martin. Time: evening. Aurobindo and his associates. Enter Biren, Aurobindo's cook.)

BIREN (addressing Aurobindo): I have been here in your service for six months. Now I long to go home. But before that I must disclose my identity. I was employed by the Bengal Intelligence Department to keep watch over you and send reports on your movements. I mean you and your associates. To my extreme amazement, I have always received the kindest possible treatment at your hands. None of you have felt the least bit of suspicion about me except, I fear, Moni Babu, and that too very recently.

MONI: Why do you think so?

BIREN: You always dress well and look smart. But you chose to shave your head the very day I shaved mine.

MONI: How does that prove I suspect you?

BIREN: I have shaved my head of set purpose, to be easily identified by the secret police here, and you have shaved to foil my purpose and puzzle them. Anyway, that is immaterial. I now want to take leave of you. But before I do so, I must make a clean breast of what I was here for.

MONI: Can you satisfy us that you are a B.I. spy?

BIREN: What more proof can I give than an offering to you, my master, of all my savings from the Government pay?

(He brings out of his pocket a sum of Rs. 50 and places it at the feet of Aurobindo. Tears run down his cheeks.)

BIREN: Sir, you have been all kindness to me. Be more kind to me and forgive me my gravest misdeed. (In a choked voice.) If you do not, my life-long remorse will be my life-long death. (In a trembling voice.) You, Sir…

AUROBINDO (compassionately): I wish you well. We will forget all this. Love your country. Live a better life.