Act X, Scene 1

(Aurobindo's residence. 15 August 1913. Birthday celebration. A small gathering. Amrita pays his homage to Aurobindo for the first time. Time: 5:15 p.m. One of the callers garlands Aurobindo amidst cheers. The guests are seated in rows and served with sweets. Aurobindo slowly passes by, facing each of the party for a moment. Amrita's eyes sparkle with delight. After the repast, the guests take leave of Aurobindo one by one. Amrita stays on.)

IYENGAR (to Amrita): You would see Babu privately?

AMRITA: That's what my heart longs for.

IYENGAR: Then you'll have to wait some time more. Three important persons, Bharati, Srinivasachari and V.V.S. Ayer, are expected. Do you want to meet Babu with them or with the inmates?

AMRITA: Preferably with the inmates.

IYENGAR: If so, you must wait.

(As these three leave after paying homage to Aurobindo they glance at Amrita with a shade of curiosity in their eyes as if to know if he wanted to be one of Aurobindo's inmates. Time: 8:15 p.m. Aurobindo at a table. Amrita goes into Aurobindo's Presence with folded hands, walks around him and finally stands in front for a moment, their eyes meeting. Aurobindo signals to an inmate to give Amrita a sweet. Amrita withdraws from the Presence, visibly moved.)