Scene 9

(Subramanya Bharati, the greatest poet of Tamil Nad, visibly excited sweeps into Aurobindo's room.)

AUROBINDO: Why so excited?

BHARATI: There is a grave reason for it. The British Government have conspired with the French Administration to have us, the political refugees, moved out of Pondicherry.


BHARATI: We must escape. Immediately or as soon as possible.


BHARATI: To any of the three places — Jibuti, Indo-China or Tripoli.

AUROBINDO: Mr. Bharati, I am not going to budge an inch from Pondicherry. I know nothing will happen to me. As for yourself you can do what you like.

BHARATI: Your stand bewilders me. No, it inspires me. I will follow you, irrespective of what others may do.

AUROBINDO: Rest assured, nothing will happen to us.

BHARATI: I truly feel that not only Pondicherry is hallowed by the touch of your feet, but the whole of South India. No mere sentiment, this.

Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, The Descent of the Blue.First published by Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse in 1972.

This is the 3000th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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