Act X, Scene 7

(Residence of the Tagores, Calcutta. Seated Dwijendranath, the eldest brother of Rabindranath, in his study. He sends for his personal secretary, Anilkumar Mitra. Enter Anil.)

DWIJENDRANATH: Have you received the latest issue of the Arya?

ANIL: Yes, Sir. It has just come. I am bringing it. Anything else?

DWIJENDRANATH: Do you read it as regularly as I?

ANIL: No, Sir. I tried for a time but found it brain-racking, too high, too deep for my intellect.

DWIJENDRANATH: Ah, my friend, that's a wrong approach. It's no intellectual pabulum. It's for the soul. From my study of the whole range of philosophy, Eastern and Western, I can freely declare that what Aurobindo Ghosh says in his articles has never been said by anybody else anywhere. (After a pause.) Go deeper than your intellect when you read the Arya next and you'll find it clearer.