Act X, Scene 8

(1918. A.B. Purani’s first visit to Aurobindo. No. 41, Rue François Martin, the Arya Office.)

AUROBINDO: How are you getting on with your Sadhana?

PURANI: It is difficult to concentrate on it so long as India is not free.12

AUROBINDO: Perhaps it may not be necessary to resort to revolutionary activity to free India.

PURANI (all surprise): But without that how is the British Government to go from India?

AUROBINDO: That is another question; but if India can be free without revolutionary activity, why should you execute the plan? It is better to concentrate on yoga — the spiritual practice… Suppose an assurance is given to you that India will be free?

PURANI (knowing full well that Aurobindo alone can assure him): Who can give such an assurance?

AUROBINDO: Suppose I give you the assurance?

PURANI: If you give the assurance, then I can accept it.

AUROBINDO: Then I give you the assurance that India will be free.

PURANI (apologetically): Are you quite sure that India will be free?

AUROBINDO: You can take it from me, it is as certain as the rising of the sun to-morrow. The decree has already gone forth…”

(Being fully convinced of India’s freedom Purani bows down to Aurobindo and takes leave of him.)

DB 87,3-12. Lines until the end of Act X, Scene 8 are taken from A. B. Purani’s Evening Talks.