Act X, Scene 9

(Calcutta. Barin receives a letter in Bengali from Aurobindo, dated 7 April 1920, after his release from the Andamans. His joy knows no bounds.)

BARIN (reading aloud): "First about your Yoga. You wish to give me the charge of your Yoga, and I am willing to take it, that is to say, to give it to Him who is moving by his divine Shakti both you and myself, whether secretly or openly. But you must know the necessary result will be that you will have to follow that special way which He has given to me and which I call the integral Yoga."

(Barin looks into the distance…)

BARIN: Rest assured, I will do my utmost to follow your directions.

(He continues reading.)

"After these fifteen years I am only now rising into the lowest of the three levels of the Supermind and trying to draw up into it all the lower activities. But when this Siddhi will be complete then I am absolutely certain that God will through me give Siddhi of the Supermind to others with less difficulty."

(His face lights up.)

BARIN: Your words open a vast world of undreamt-of possibilities for us. Your Supramental Siddhi will be a landmark in the history of human evolution. And you will put India in the centre of the world-map for all future.

(He continues reading.)

"I do not want hundreds of thousands of disciples. It will be enough if I can get a hundred men, empty of petty egoism, who will be instruments of God."

(With a sigh — and then a smile.)

BARIN: Ah, here is the snag. Well, Sejda, have you ever moved back even by a single step from any difficulty in life? You, who have already achieved the impossible, will it not be within your power to turn crude matter like us into your "complete" men? So long as we have you as our Head, we have no fear. Your work must triumph.