Act XI, Scene 113

(1923. Sri Aurobindo and a Gujarati disciple, Punamchand)

PUNAMCHAND: Before I settle down here as a permanent sadhak, may I have your permission to go home and come back with my wife?

SRI AUROBINDO: Yes. What is Champaklal doing there? Bring Champaklal with you also.

(To Champaklal this remembrance of him by Sri Aurobindo and the spontaneous call to him are a most cherished memory. He first came to Sri Aurobindo in 1921 as a boy of 18. Now in 1923 he comes to stay for good. The Mother and Champaklal.)

CHAMPAKLAL: My Mother, I intend to wash my Father’s dhoti.

MOTHER: I shall speak to Sri Aurobindo.

(Exit the Mother. Enter Sri Aurobindo)

SRI AUROBINDO: You want to wash my dhoti! People will laugh at you, joke about you, mock you. Are you ready?

CHAMPAKLAL (firmly): I am, Father.

DB 89. Adapted from Narayan Prasad's Life in Sri Aurobindo Ashram.