Act XI, Scene 4

(1925. Pondicherry. Naren Das Gupta visits Sri Aurobindo.)

SRI AUROBINDO: Naren, how are you getting on with your sadhana?

NAREN: My sadhana! That you know better than I.

SRI AUROBINDO: Of late I have received a number of letters about you from the Professor of English, Feni College. Some time ago your indifference to earthly life and austere method of sadhana caused much fear in your friends. Besides the Professor, others too have written to me of your exclusive absorption in sadhana. Do you know what I have replied to them? I have asked them not to disturb you in any way, adding that all will be well.

NAREN (shedding tears of delight): They did all that! And received directions from you! I was all in the dark. Now I have a prayer.

SRI AUROBINDO: What is it?

NAREN: I wish to see the Mother before I leave for Bengal.

SRI AUROBINDO: Ah, that's your prayer!

(Exit Sri Aurobindo.)

NAREN (to himself): Oh my Guru, strange are your ways, more so is your affection for your sons. Pondicherry is a far cry from Feni. Your Grace and Presence nullify Space and Time.

(Enter the Mother.)

NAREN (prostrating himself before the Mother): Mother, I must leave for Bengal.

THE MOTHER: You must?

NAREN (apologetically): Yes, Mother. There is no other way.

THE MOTHER: Why do you want to go?

NAREN: It's the family pull, Mother.

THE MOTHER: How long will it go on?

NAREN: I am now going to pull the family here and leave it at your Feet.

THE MOTHER (with a compassionate smile): That's fine.