Act XI, Scene 5

(24 November 1926. Amrita comes down from upstairs and starts informing the disciples of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo to assemble in the upstairs verandah facing the Prosperity room.)

6:30 p.m. Barin, Nolini, Amrita, Purani, Champaklal, Pujalal, Rajani Palit… Twenty-four all told are seated on mats. 7 p.m. Enter the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.)

NOLINI (looking all around): Satyen has not come. Shall I call him?

THE MOTHER: Yes, all, all.

(Sri Aurobindo takes his seat in a low cushioned chair, while the Mother is on his foot-rest a few inches to the left. He stretches out his left hand over the Mother’s head, and with the right begins to bless all the disciples who are bowing to him and the Mother, one after another. A complete silence. Sri Aurobindo looks Omniscience and Omnipotence. The Mother looks Eternal Love and Compassion.)

DATTA (inspired): “The Lord has descended. He has conquered death and sorrow. He has brought down Immortality.”

RAJANI (in a whisper): Barin-da, I have a special request. I am in a terrible fix.

BARIN: What is wrong?

RAJANI: I feel I am in Heaven. The pressure is simply unbearable. Please tell the Mother that I must tell her a few words.

BARIN: Rajani, you are not the only case. It is more or less the same with every one of us.

RAJANI: Maybe. But that is no concern of mine. I pray you to plead with the Mother for my sake.

BARIN: I shall try. More than that is beyond me to-day.

RAJANI: Barin-da, how I wish to hear from you what has actually happened to-day.

BARIN: Rajani, (with a broad smile) your Barin-da is as blind as you.