God alone knows who is deserving11

One day a very poor Brahmin came to C.R. Das and begged him for a large sum of money so that he could take care of his children and also his children’s studies and pay back his debts. C.R. Das’s heart melted at the pitiful condition of the poor Brahmin and he gave him a cheque for 10,000 rupees. The Brahmin was overjoyed and extremely, extremely grateful to C.R. Das.

At the time, a friend of C.R. Das happened to be standing nearby. When the poor Brahmin left, the friend said to C.R. Das, “What have you done? It is good to give money to the poor, but such a large amount? How do you know he deserves such a large amount of money? Are you not giving money indiscriminately?”

C.R. Das said, “I do not know whether I am giving money away indiscriminately or discriminately, but I do feel that it is up to God to judge as to whether I am doing the right thing or not.”

Just at that moment, one of his assistants came up to C.R. Das with a telegram. C.R. Das opened the telegram and saw that an offer of 20,000 rupees had come from a certain king if he would accept a forthcoming legal case. Twenty thousand rupees the king was prepared to give him just to accept the case! C.R. Das said to his friend, “You see, I gave ten. Now I get twenty. So, God knows what is best for you, best for him, best for me, best for everyone. God alone knows who is deserving or undeserving. My business is to be of service to mankind, especially to those who are very, very poor.”

DBF 16. God alone knows who is deserving. 28 April 1993.