A supreme, supreme, supreme achievement

I have said a few times that, during these Celebrations, our most significant achievement is the performance by Kailash’s group. About eight hundred songs they have already sung. How I surrender to them. I am known as a singer and a musician, but shall I sing from memory one thousand songs in this incarnation? No! In India, three hundred songs I could sing. How nicely Kailash’s group has sung eight hundred songs! They have two hundred to go. This is a supreme, supreme, supreme achievement during our Celebrations.

Long live Kailash, the leader! Long live all the members of that group! They are learning thousands of songs. Perhaps in this incarnation they will not be able to learn all my songs. Again in their next incarnation they can start!

These songs are all my creations. In a garden there are little, little plants and also huge trees. Sometimes little plants give us tremendous joy. Little two-line songs are like tiny plants. They are tiny, but they are very beautiful, very soulful and very pleasing to my heart and soul.

Kailash’s group has done it! Others also who have learnt a few hundred songs, like the children’s group, deserve my very special gratitude. The children who sing here every day, people who sing in Europe and others who have learnt many, many songs deserve very special pride and gratitude from me. Singing is part and parcel of my life.

Singing, soulful singing, can be done by anybody. Your soulful consciousness will definitely, definitely help you in your spiritual life. You do not have to carry a tune properly if you are not a singer. As long as you feel the beauty, the melody and the fragrance of my songs, you are bound to make progress.

16 April 2000, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York.