Be happy, at least in your own way12

Disciples often say to me in writing or tell me, “I came into the world to make you happy in your own way,” but many are making me happy in their own ways. Again, some are making me happy in my own way, the divine way that I wanted. You should know where you stand. Very few out of thousands are making me happy in my own way. The rest feel that they are making me happy with whatever they are doing.

Now I am saying, at least be happy and remain happy in your own way. At least in that way you can make a wee progress. If you are not happy at all, what can I do for you? Some disciples are with their Master, but even then they are unhappy. What can I expect from them, and what can they expect from me?

Please sing this song seriously, and please take it very, very seriously. This is my serious statement and my absolutely sincere feeling.

  1. DBM 30. On his morning weightlifting video, Sri Chinmoy sang his new song, “Be happy, be happy, be happy, at least in your own way. You will make a wee progress.” Later that day he requested the disciples to sing the song and offered the following comments.

  2. DBM 30. 22 December 2006, Antalya, Turkey

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