Your Way is the only Way; your Will is the only Will

[Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayer to the children’s singing group he had formed on the Christmas Trip:]

My Lord,
I know
I shall never be able to fool You.
My Lord,
Please, please do not allow my mind
To fool me!
My Lord,
From this very moment
I really want my heart
To lead me and guide me.
My Lord,
Your Way is the only Way;
Your Will is the only Will.
I came into the world
To please You all the time
In Your own Way.
Please do not allow me,
My Lord,
To break my promise!

[He then made the following comments:]

When you are over fifty, you will value this prayer. Today you may not value it, if you are young. But when you are over fifty, your heart will be flooded with tears if you have not pleased God, your real Master, in His own Way. If you are pleasing, continue pleasing. If you are not pleasing, start pleasing!

Some people are fooling themselves. They feel that they are making tremendous progress in their spiritual life with their prayers, meditations, love, devotion and surrender. It may not be at all true! Again, some people think that they are hopeless and useless; their prayers are inferior, their meditations are inferior, their love, devotion and surrender have descended. It is not their modesty; it is their genuine feeling. But they may be the very ones who are making progress! Who is the culprit? In both cases it is the mind.

To one group the mind is saying, “You are excellent; you are doing extremely well.” To the other group the mind is saying, “You are doing very poorly.” The mind is either fooling you or making your life miserable. But if you use the heart, the heart will always give the true message. If you are doing well, the heart will say, “Yes, you are doing well.” If you are not doing well, the heart will tell you.

Never keep the mind as your boss, I am telling you all! This moment you may be doing absolutely the right thing, but the mind says, “You are not doing the right thing.” And when you are doing absolutely the wrong thing, the mind may say that you are doing the right thing. The doubting mind always tries to make us miserable by fooling us. We can forget about the doubting mind! But the loving heart is always kind to us, compassionate to us and one with us.

Always, for everything in life, let us ask our heart: “Am I saying the right thing? Am I doing the right thing? Are you pleased with me? Please guide me.” The heart will never fail us — never — because the heart is always in tune with God.

22 December 2006, Antalya, Turkey.