Scene 2

(Dyumatsen, Satyavan and Savitri in the forest.)

DYUMATSEN: Savitri, my daughter, you have now been one of us for some time. My son is so fond of you, and I am so fond of you. We are all fond of one another. But my heart breaks when I see you working so hard, and when I see my son going every day to cut down trees for fuel. This life of hardship is unbearable. I was a king. I was thrown out by my enemies. Now I am in the forest, helpless. I have lost my sight, but you and my son, Satyavan — both of you are my inner eyes. My outer eyes God has taken away, but He has given me two inner eyes. One is my son; one is my Savitri. Through your eyes I see the world, and through your hearts I feel the world, O Savitri, O Satyavan.

SAVITRI: Father, we shall make you happy. Satyavan and I will make your life happy. You may not get your kingdom back, but you have us. We shall give you constant joy, constant satisfaction. We assure you, Father, at every moment we shall try to please you in your own way, according to our capacity.

DYUMATSEN: I know, I know. You and Satyavan will do everything for me. I live on earth only to feel happiness in your two dedicated lives. You are spiritual, my son is spiritual and I am spiritual. Our life of spirituality is our only consolation. Our life of spirituality is our only illumination. Our life of spirituality is God’s real Pride. (Pauses.) You know, Savitri, Satyavan, I am happy. I am happy because my life I have dedicated to the Will of the Supreme, to the Will of God. I have no will of my own. He is now my All. He gives me inner joy, inner satisfaction. My kingdom I have lost, but I have found God inside my heart. The kingdom of falsehood has deserted me, but the Kingdom of Truth has dawned in my devoted heart.