Scene 3

(Savitri is alone.)

SAVITRI (thinking aloud): Today is the last day of my husband’s life. Throughout the year I have prayed to the god Surya to protect my Satyavan, but this is the fatal day. I have kept it a deep secret. Nobody knows, neither my husband nor my father-in-law.

(Enter Satyavan.)

SAVITRI (to Satyavan): Lord, today I would like to come with you. I would like to follow you into the thick forest where you cut down trees for fuel.

SATYAVAN: Savitri, why do you want to go into the thick forest? Why? Why?

SAVITRI: My Lord, since our marriage I have never made a request to you for anything. This will be my first and last request. If you fulfil my request, I will be most grateful to you. I will never ask you for another boon as long as I am on earth.

SATYAVAN: Savitri, is there anything on earth that I would not do for you? My body, my vital, my mind, my heart, my soul are all for you, for you, my Savitri. Come with me.