Scene 2

(Master and Rula are walking in the street. Master is showing much affection to Rula and she is very happy.)

MASTER (suddenly): Rula, please give me your necklace. It is so beautiful. I wish to have it. I shall give you something more beautiful than this one, much more beautiful, in return.

RULA: No, I want to keep this one. (Pauses.) Let me see the one you have that is better than this.

MASTER: Today you give me this one and tomorrow I shall bring you the new one.

RULA: No, I won’t give it to you. Give me the better one first and then I shall give you this one.

MASTER: If you don’t give it to me I shall take it away and leave you here, and you will have to go home all alone.

(Rula starts to cry.)

MASTER: Stop crying!

(Rula cries louder.)

MASTER (aside): I need money badly. I could sell this necklace for thousands of rupees, but how can I get it away from this stubborn child? She is making so much noise that I shall be caught. I'll have to kill her. Then I can take the necklace and leave the city.

(As the Master grabs Rula, she starts to scream. He strangles her. When she loses consciousness, he snatches the necklace and runs away, leaving the child lying senseless on the ground. Enter two neighbours who catch the Master as he is leaving the scene.)

FIRST NEIGHBOUR: What’s going on here? What’s all the noise about?

(They notice the child lying on the ground and discover the necklace which the Master is trying to hide. Putting two and two together, they begin to curse the Master and strike him.)

SECOND NEIGHBOUR: Now tell us! Whose daughter is she?

MASTER: She is the child of Ratan and Rohini.

NEIGHBOURS: Take us there.

(One neighbour lifts Rula in his arms; the other holds the Master securely. Exeunt omnes.)