Scene 3

(In front of Ratan’s house. Enter neighbours with Rula and Master. Ratan rushes onstage.)

RATAN: What are you doing? This is my Guru! And why are you carrying my daughter?

FIRST NEIGHBOUR: This is your Guru? This rogue? This criminal? Look what he has done! He has killed your daughter to steal her necklace.

RATAN (momentarily shocked, but quickly recovering): Don’t worry. I know that my Guru has the power to revive her. See, I am touching his feet and praying to him. (Touches Master’s feet.) Oh Guru, save my child. I am sure she is not yet dead; she is just unconscious. You have the power to revive her. Please use your power, dearest Master. Just look at her once and my Rula will be all right.

(Master looks at Rula, placing his hands on her. She revives and starts striking him.)

RULA: I hate you! You tried to steal my necklace! You hurt me!

RATAN: No, no, Rula. He was just playing a game with you. See, you are not hurt. Look at our Master’s power. He has just shown you a trick.

(Exeunt Master, Ratan and Rula. Neighbours shrug as they watch them go off together.)

FIRST NEIGHBOUR: These Masters are such rogues! Had it been my daughter, I would have killed the man immediately.

SECOND NEIGHBOUR: I would have called the police and had him arrested! But this stupid Ratan has such faith in his Master, even though he’s obviously the world’s worst rogue. Someday something really serious will happen, and then he will learn.

(Exeunt omnes.)