Scene 6

(Ratan’s house. Dayal is staying with Rohini and Rula while Ratan is in prison.)

ROHINI: Dayal, you know that my husband is completely innocent. He did not wish to kill your parents. They were always so kind to us. We were very good friends.

DAYAL: I know it. I know it, Mother Rohini. Uncle Ratan was always extremely good to me. It was because of the Guru that he did it. I do not blame you or my uncle at all. I blame the Master, that rascal! It is because of him that I have lost my parents!

ROHINI: Do not call him a rascal, my child. He is our Master. He knows the kind of experiences we need for our spiritual growth. You have lost your parents, and I have lost my two friends and my husband. I know that your loss is infinitely worse than mine. How can I console you, sweetest Dayal? Only God can comfort you, and I am sure He will. The ever-compassionate Father will certainly console you.