Scene 7

(A few weeks later. The Master and Ratan are in the prison yard doing hard labour. The sergeant of the work gang is standing guard.)

RATAN (to sergeant): Please, please allow me to do two men’s jobs. I don’t want my Master to have to do this kind of work. I would be so grateful if you allowed me to do his work.

SERGEANT: You fool! Just because of him you are now here. You are an innocent fellow. He has exploited you, you fool! He is a rogue, a real criminal! You will be freed one day, but not that shameless creature! Never!

RATAN: Call me a fool, say anything you want against me, but please don’t criticise my Master. He is everything to me. My heart breaks to see him here in prison, but it pains me even more to see him working like a labourer. He is not in the habit of doing this kind of work.