596. Conversations

God said to me:
“Son, you deserve God-realisation today
And I am now granting it.”

Satan immediately said to God:
“No, not today, God.
Tomorrow You may grant him realisation,
If You are so consumed with that desire.
Tomorrow will be the best time,
I tell You, God.”

God said to me:
“Son, of late I have not been pleased with you.
Therefore, I want to delay your God-realisation.”

Satan immediately said to God:
“God, I tell You once and for all
That delaying will not satisfy You.
Please cancel Your promise, God, for God’s sake.
I am telling You that if he is not ready by this time,
In spite of Your infinite Compassion,
He will never be ready.
This is not only my unmistakable conviction,
But also my immutable realisation.”