Question: What must a divinely dauntless divine soldier do every day, every hour of his life?

Sri Chinmoy: A divinely dauntless divine soldier every day and every hour of his life must remain grateful to the Supreme. For it is the Supreme, the Supreme’s Compassion, that has made him a divinely dauntless soldier in order to fight against the ignorance of millennia. He who is chosen by the Supreme to fight for the Supreme against ignorance must be constantly grateful, for the Supreme could have chosen somebody else to serve Him, please Him, fulfil Him and manifest Him on earth. So all those who are chosen by the Supreme to play the role of dauntless divine soldiers must offer their conscious, constant and unconditional gratitude, for the Absolute Supreme has showered His boundless Compassion-Light on them.
Sri Chinmoy, Dipti Nivas, Agni Press, 1976