Question: How can Dipti Nivas please you more?

Sri Chinmoy: Dipti Nivas is already pleasing me in a surprising way. But, as I say, there is no end to our progress, to our achievement. Therefore, I can tell you that there are ways to please me more. All the workers of Dipti Nivas must feel that Dipti Nivas has a body, Dipti Nivas has a vital, Dipti Nivas has a mind, Dipti Nivas has a heart, Dipti Nivas has a soul.

The physical part of Dipti Nivas — the rooms, the tables, the chairs and benches — must give an immediate sense of cleanliness. It is already clean, but there still can be more cleanliness.

The vital aspect of Dipti Nivas must give immediate dynamism. Anything that can be done in the twinkling of an eye, at this very moment, must not be delayed. A server in Dipti Nivas must not delay even a minute before he executes something. If he knows that something has to be done, he has to do it immediately. And then, even if he sees that something can be done tomorrow, that very thing should be done today. For tomorrow the same person will get another opportunity, another golden opportunity to do something more illumining. From your prayer, from your meditation, from your inner vision, if you see that something can be done tomorrow, then do it today. But if you do not see what is going to happen tomorrow, if you do not envision tomorrow's reality, then you have to remain silent and just wait for tomorrow. But once you know that something can be done or has to be done tomorrow, don't wait for tomorrow. Just do it today. You are the boss. You are the main instrument of Dipti Nivas. If you know that something has to be done tomorrow, then do it today. But if you know that something has to be done now, then don't delay for even one minute. This is called vital dynamism.

Then comes the mind aspect. When you use the mind for Dipti Nivas, it has to be the clear mind — not the mind that doubts, but the mind that is crystal clear. But whatever you want to see, just see it with the mind that is like a crystal-clear glass. Then, if you see some reality for Dipti Nivas, feel that this is the thing. Do not change your mind. You are not being stubborn or arrogant. But the first message that you get from the inner voice in and through your mind or the mind of Dipti Nivas, that very message you have to feel is the right thing. Do not let other thoughts, doubting thoughts, intellectual thoughts, contradictory or complicating thoughts, enter into your mind and confuse you. Do not let these thoughts make you feel that by analysing things you will become a great professor. No! The first message that you get from your aspiration after your meditation and prayer is the message that your heart wants to convey. It is the message that your inner being wants to convey through the mind and it is absolutely right, absolutely correct.

Then comes the heart aspect of Dipti Nivas. At every moment, when you see that visitors or outsiders are coming, you have to feel that they are not human beings as such. No, try to feel that they are part and parcel of your own limbs. If somebody calls out "X," then immediately feel that it is not only your name but the name of the supreme Guest that has come. This supreme Guest is inside each and every one who visits the divine enterprise. Each time you see someone try to see the Supreme inside that person's heart. If you see the Supreme inside his heart or feel the presence of the Supreme, then the role of your heart and the role of the Dipti Nivas heart become absolutely perfect.

Only you have to see each and every individual as your own. But you can't see other human beings as your own unless and until you see the Supreme inside them as your own. When you see someone, don't think that that person is your own; only see the Real in him as your own. The Real in him is the Supreme. So, if you can feel or see the presence of the Supreme in him, then only you can claim as your own his outer existence, which is his cloak. So, when you see the visitor with your heart, immediately you will identify yourself with the Real in them.

You have to feel that you and the heart of Dipti Nivas are absolutely one. Your name and the heart of Dipti Nivas must not be two things. Always you have to feel that you and the heart of Dipti Nivas, or Dipti Nivas and your heart, are the same thing. And this heart you have to make the main instrument, the divine instrument. Then only you will do the right thing.

Then comes the soul of Dipti Nivas. When you think of Dipti Nivas, try to think a few times each day that it does not have a body. These halls, these rooms that you are seeing are not the Real. The real thing is only the soul, and it is a beautiful, most luminous reality. Dipti Nivas is the Abode of Light Supreme. So a few times daily you and all the workers have to feel that this is the Abode of the Supreme.

Whenever you think of the Supreme, you immediately get divine joy, divine delight, divine satisfaction. So please try to feel, "Oh, we are in His Room, in His Abode, in His House." Then automatically your whole being, inner and outer, will be surcharged with delight. So if you think of Dipti Nivas as the soul, then only can all the divine qualities of the soul be seen, felt and manifested in and through the heart, vital, mind and body of Dipti Nivas.

Then you have to feel that above the soul is the Supreme. This Light, Peace and Delight that you are seeing in the soul, or as the soul itself, has an owner. The owner is the Supreme Himself. So, on the strength of your imagination, inspiration and aspiration, you will try to invoke Him. He is the real owner of the soul, the divine Reality which is trying to manifest in and through Light and with Light. The Supreme is trying to manifest His Light in and through the body, vital, mind and heart and also through each individual server at Dipti Nivas. So, if you can make yourself feel that these are the things that are of paramount importance, and if all the workers at Dipti Nivas can feel at every moment these are the things that they have to do in their own life of aspiration and dedication, then definitely Dipti Nivas will not only please me more, but will also please me most, in every possible way.

Sri Chinmoy, Dipti Nivas, Agni Press, 1976