Question: What should I do to become a perfect and pure instrument when I am cooking at Dipti Nivas?

Sri Chinmoy: You can become a perfect instrument, a pure instrument, while you are cooking at Dipti Nivas provided you perfectly know for whom you are cooking. Who is your boss? Your boss is not Una. Your boss is not Sri Chinmoy. Your boss is the Supreme. But you have to see the Boss, the Supreme, inside Una, inside Sri Chinmoy. If you see the Supreme, if you can feel the presence of the Supreme inside these two, then it will help you immensely. If you know that you are working for the most perfect Supreme, the Lord Supreme, then only you can become a perfect instrument.

While you are cooking, you have to feel that you are cooking for the supreme Guest, the Supreme Himself, who will eat in and through the hundreds of people who will come to the restaurant. Don’t think of the people who are going to eat as human beings. Think only of the Supreme inside the hundreds and hundreds of people who will eat. Constantly you have to feel that you are cooking, not for any human being, not for an ordinary human, but for the Supreme Himself in hundreds of human beings. The Supreme is the supreme Guest, and as a guest He is coming to you in hundreds of human forms. Because the Supreme Himself will be eating your food, you have to feel the supreme necessity of purity. Once you have purity inside you in boundless measure, then it will help you immensely. At that time you will be a perfect instrument.

It is like this. The Supreme’s representative is Sri Chinmoy, and my representative is Una. So, first you have to please Una, then you have to please me and you have to please the Supreme. Then again, the other way also you have to do it: from the Supreme to me to Una.

Sri Chinmoy, Dipti Nivas, Agni Press, 1976