Question: Is there any cosmic law that controls the ebb and flow of our inspiration?

Sri Chinmoy: No. It is not the cosmic law that controls the ebb and flow of our inspiration. It is our own acceptance of light that can regulate and does regulate the ebb and flow of our inspiration. It is the power of our own aspiration and the power of our own dedication. It is from our aspiration, our inner aspiration, that we get outer inspiration. So if we are inwardly crying, then outwardly we are bound to be surcharged with inspiration.

Sometimes we say that first comes imagination, then inspiration, then aspiration, then realisation, then revelation and then manifestation. This is one way of going: step by step. But we have to know that if there is no aspiration in the central being, inside the heart, then there can be no imagination, no inspiration, nothing. It is aspiration that remains inside us in the seed form. God Himself was the aspiration, is the aspiration and will eternally remain the all-fulfilling aspiration.

So, when we have aspiration, then inside our aspiration we can get inspiration. It is aspiration that regulates the ebb and flow of inspiration. When we have very good aspiration, then we see the flow of inspiration. Again, when aspiration descends or is not powerful, then we see the ebb of our inspiration. So it is always advisable to keep aspiration as powerful and high as possible in order to keep a most powerful flow of illumining and fulfilling inspiration.

In your case, dearest Ratna, when you aspire most sincerely, your whole outer life becomes a flood of inspiration. At that time, at every second you feel that life is nothing but opportunity. And this opportunity is nothing but the reality which is blossoming inside your entire existence, for the total manifestation of the Absolute Supreme in and through you.

Sri Chinmoy, Dipti Nivas, Agni Press, 1976