Personal memories and reflections

Princess Diana's inner hunger

When I went to London in May to offer a Peace Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, I invited Princess Diana to attend. I did not know that she would be leaving for Pakistan that same day. That could have been the end of the matter, but it was not. The Princess invited me to come and see her at her home at Kensington Palace at two o’clock on the afternoon of her departure. She had an inner hunger for spirituality. I feel that is the reason she made time to see me.

I am a truth-seeker and a God-lover. In my own humble way, I try to serve the world according to my capacity through my prayer-life and meditation-life. At the age of four, I started praying and meditating. And, at the United Nations, I have been offering my prayers for the world-community for the past twenty-seven years. I offer Peace Concerts in various countries, I have written considerably about the inner life, I compose devotional songs, I paint — in many ways I try to inspire people to dive into the inner life, which is full of oneness, peace, harmony and joy.

The sole purpose of my heart is to love God the Creator. The sole purpose of my life is to serve God the creation. Here my fulfilment blooms and blossoms.

In Princess Diana I unmistakably discovered a genuine temple-heart of sympathy, self-giving and oneness.