Princess Diana's spiritual dimension

For many years I had wanted to meet Princess Diana because I had the deepest admiration for her philanthropy and charitable works. I was also extremely moved by her spontaneous compassion for the sick and the suffering humanity. Unfortunately, this first meeting of ours was to be our last. Just over three months later, the world lost her, a most precious world-heart-diamond.

When we meditated together at the very start of our meeting, I immediately felt that this was the real Diana. She had so many spiritual qualities that were just beginning to bud and bloom in her life, the way her service-life had already blossomed. The world knows so much about Princess Diana’s good works and also about her personal and private life, but this spiritual dimension is also extremely important. One might say it is of paramount importance.

From my prayer-meditation-life, I wish to offer my personal feeling about Princess Diana’s spiritual aspect. The whole world may disagree with me, it may even hate me, but I feel that at the time of her death, Princess Diana was very, very unhappy. On the surface, we see that she was enjoying her summer holiday in the company of a certain friend. But inside Princess Diana, nobody knows what was happening. Only from our prayers and meditations do we get the message from within. I personally feel that although she was leading a kind of life that can be termed a life of carefree romance, inwardly that was not what she herself wanted. Inwardly she wanted to have a peaceful life. Why did she renounce so many of the public duties of the Royal Family? Why did she limit the number of charities with which she was involved? Because she wanted to spend more time with her sons so that they could have a normal, peaceful life. She did not want her sons to grow up feeling superior to the rest of the world because they are of royal blood. She did not want them to exercise their power in the wrong way. That was why she took them to hospitals, department stores and various other places. She wanted them to mix with people and become part and parcel of humanity.

If Princess Diana had had more time on earth, I strongly feel that all the outer restlessness that she was manifesting would have come to a normal and natural end. Then, in a year or so, she would have led a life of inner peace. One who has a heart which is larger than the largest, who goes from here to there to be of service to poor, suffering people, will eventually become a perfect stranger to restlessness. Her restive life, to me, was perhaps a needed experience for the full preparation of an inner life of silence, peace and bliss. If Princess Diana had lived longer, then like Mother Teresa, her life would have become calm and quiet. Her life would have been one of dedicated service to humanity and personal fulfilment on every level.