Princess Diana's boys

I love to draw birds. They are my favourite theme. I feel that birds represent the freedom-loving and aspiring soul of man. Before my meeting with the Princess, I drew two birds for her. Next to the larger one, I put the letter ‘W’, and next to the smaller one I put the letter ‘H’. She immediately recognised what the two letters stood for and said, “My boys! My boys! William and Harry!” How much love she had for her sons!

I strongly feel that from Heaven Princess Diana will be able to guide and mould her boys in the same way that she was doing here on earth. From the soul’s world, she will be able to pour and pour all her love, affection and fondness into them so that they become good citizens of the world and continue their beloved mother’s work for the betterment of humanity. Prince William has tremendous determination and inner strength. His younger brother, Prince Harry, has softness and sweetness in abundant measure.