Salvation, liberation, realisation, perfection and satisfaction

Are you a sinner? Then you definitely need salvation. Are you utterly earth-bound? Then you certainly need liberation. Are you helplessly isolated? Then you surely need realisation. Are you totally dissatisfied with your desire-life? Then you unmistakably need perfection. Are you ready to love God and serve God in God’s own Way? Then you unquestionably need satisfaction.

Pray. Your salvation-problem will be over. Devote yourself to God. Your liberation-problem will be over. Meditate. Your realisation-problem will be over. Cry from within. Your perfection-problem will be over. Feel that you are only of God and only for God. Your satisfaction-problem will be over.

Salvation is in the Christ-world. Liberation is in the Buddha-world. Realisation is in the oneness-world. Perfection is in the Krishna-world. Satisfaction is only in the God-fulfilment-world.

EA 49. 16 July 1977, 10:00 p.m. — in transit to Jamaica, New York.