Who is knocking?

Who is knocking? Satan? Do not bother me. Today I have many important things to do.

Who is knocking? Man? Please come at some other time. Unfortunately, I am quite busy now.

Who is knocking? God? Why do You embarrass me, Lord? Do You need my permission to enter into my heart-room?

“My son, perhaps you are not fully ready to receive Me. I am knocking just to inform you that I shall come again to visit your gratitude-room, your surrender-shrine and your perfection-self-offering. My son, you take your own time. I am not at all in a hurry. But I shall definitely come to pay you My blessingful Visit.”

EA 55. 17 July 1977, 3:15 p.m. — in transit from Jamaica, New York to Washington, D.C..