God’s secret is a beginningless Silence. Man’s secret is an endless sound.

God’s secret is to give what He has: Compassion. Man’s secret is to possess from others what he does not have: material wealth, power and other things.

God’s secret is to create and divinely enjoy a new Vision-Light. Man’s secret is to destroy everything that he sees, to destroy everyone that he knows.

God’s secret is to forgive and forget constantly. Man’s secret is never to forgive, never to forget.

God’s secret is to cry soulfully before He smiles satisfactorily. Man’s secret is to cry before he dies and cry while he is dying so that he can reach God’s Heaven and be greeted by God Himself. At this, God does not know whether to smile or cry. Therefore, He laughs.

EA 57. 17 July 1977, 3:25 p.m. — in transit from Jamaica, New York to Washington, D.C..