The red stoplight

The red stoplight discourages me when I am in a hurry. The same red light soothes my life when I am not in a hurry.

I want to enjoy the life-breath of time. The red stoplight tells me that life is not always a smooth passage. It warns me for my own good. In no way does it try to prevent me from manifesting my life-saving speed and my life-saving reality.

The red stoplight is my true friend in disguise. In the spiritual world, the red light is my conscience. My conscience never prevents me from doing the right thing; it only wants me not to do undivine things. It is always eager to warn me against doing the wrong thing, and to inspire me to do the right thing.

When I don’t obey the red stoplight, I enter into alarming danger, into the very jaws of death. Similarly, when I don’t listen to the soft, sweet, smiling dictates of my conscience, I may run into dire catastrophe in my life of aspiration. My conscience does not discourage me or prevent me from doing the right thing, but it asks me to remain cautious so that the hungry tiger of the animal-human world does not destroy me.

Because of my conscience, I am a human being. If I abide by the soulful dictates of my conscience, I shall see only the face of satisfaction in my life. This satisfaction is the very beginning of my blossoming belief. When I am satisfied, I blossom forth. When I blossom forth, I feel that I am not only an instrument but the instrument of my Beloved Supreme.

I forever love you and adore you, red stoplight! You are truly the saviour of my outer life. O my conscience, I love and adore you because you are truly the saviour of my inner life. Because of you, I do not dine with ignorance-night; I am safely driving towards Eternity’s Light, Infinity’s Beauty and Immortality’s Love.

EA 61. 18 July 1977, 8:15 a.m. — Jamaica High School track, Jamaica, New York.