To be divinely great

To be divinely great is to serve. To be supremely good is to love. To be eternally perfect is to cry within sleeplessly. To be satisfied in God’s own Way is to become consciously and constantly a heart of gratitude-flood.

The human in me desires greatness. The divine in me longs for goodness. The aspiring and ascending God within me yearns for perfection. The loving and manifesting God in me cries for satisfaction.

I wish to become a most intimate and lifelong friend of greatness, goodness, perfection and satisfaction, for it is through them that my Beloved Supreme will smile His eternal Smile and dance His immortal Dance in and for me. May our friendship not only please the human and divine within us, but also please and fulfil our Beloved Supreme deep within us.

EA 63. 18 July 1977, 12:35 p.m. — Sri Chinmoy Centre, Jamaica, New York.