I shall sing today

I shall sing today. I shall sing the song of God’s Beauty within me, in my inner world. I shall sing the song of God’s Duty without me, in my outer world.

I shall sing today not the song which I knew so well, the song of frustration, but I shall sing a new song, the song of illumination.

I shall sing today only of the awakening, only of the manifesting divinity of my Beloved Supreme; I will never, never sing the song of self-unfoldment.

I shall sing today the song of perfection in the aspiring finite life.

I shall sing today the song of the Supreme, my Supreme Pilot, inside the cry of the finite.

I shall sing today, for this is the only way I can not only expedite my life’s journey but also bring my goal slowly, steadily and unerringly closer to my reality-existence.

I shall sing today the song that I just learnt from my Beloved Supreme, and this song is the song of continuous self-offering. What is self-offering? Self-offering is the discovery of one’s God-embracing reality.

EA 73. 18 July 1977, 7:35 p.m. — in transit to Connecticut Sri Chinmoy Centre.