Question: In your talk, which five things did you mention? Love, concern, sacrifice and there were two other things you said. "Love for the sake of love. Concern for the sake of concern. Sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice," and two other things I don't remember. And also I wish to know your concept of God-realisation.

Sri Chinmoy: Love for the sake of Love. Concern for the sake of Concern. Sacrifice for the sake of Sacrifice. Realisation for the sake of God-Fulfilment on earth. Manifestation here for the sake of the Divine Manifestation.

About God-realisation: we want to realise God, not so that we can show the world that we have realised God. No. We shall realise God because He wants us to realise Him. We shall manifest Him because He wants to manifest Himself in and through us. Now we have to know that one way to please God is with our individual effort and aspiration. We all know that if we do this, then God will be pleased. If we say this, God will be pleased. If we act like this, God will be pleased. If we meditate, God will be pleased. This is our human way of understanding how to please God. Another way, which is more important, is to please God in His own way. Now, this moment you are inspired to meditate. You think that if you meditate right now, God will be very pleased with you. No. If God wants you to secure good marks, high marks in your examination, then He wants you, at this moment, to study. He is inspiring you to study instead of to meditate. So you are fulfilling God in His own Way by studying. But if you meditate at this point, feeling that God will be pleased if you meditate, He will not be pleased. His Ways are different.

So right now, when each human being accepts the spiritual life, he tries to fulfil God and please God in his own way, according to his human understanding. This is good. At least he is trying to please God and not please ignorance. It is infinitely better to please God in your own way than to please ignorance and darkness. But there comes a time when you want to please God in His way. If you want to do something in your own way to please Him, that is good. But, if you please Him in His way, naturally He will be more pleased. In our path, in my own path, I always tell my students and disciples, "Try to go deep within and ask the soul what God wants for you, not what you want to do for God. If you want to fulfil God in His own Way, go deep within. Or, if you find it difficult to go deep within, I am ready to dive deep within you on your behalf. I will let you know what God wants you to do, and you do it." My sincere, dedicated, devoted disciples listen to me. They also listen to the dictates of my soul, my inner Being, and they are making very fast progress.