Question: How can one overcome fear?

Sri Chinmoy: Fear. You have fear in the physical. You have fear in the vital. You have fear in the mental. Again, you have fear, unfortunately, in the heart also. First of all, you have to know where the fear looms large and important. If there is fear in the gross physical of a particular person, then I wish to say that that person should concentrate on a particular centre. That centre is the navel. We have several spiritual centres. We call them Chakras. There are six major spiritual centres. Now there are many ways to overcome fear, but if one can concentrate on the navel centre and be one with the life force, the life energy, in the physical, one can conquer fear there.

Now, if one wants to conquer fear in the vital, then one should concentrate on one's own inner being. This is one way, concentration on the inner being, but it is difficult for beginners. So I tell them if they want to conquer fear in the vital, they should try to expand the real vital in themselves. We have two types of vital consciousness. One type, the undivine one, is aggressive; the other vital is divinely dynamic. We use the aggressive vital, its fighting quality, daily. The dynamic vital, though, wants to create something sooner that at once in a divine way, in an illumined way. So, if we can concentrate on that vital, or focus our attention on it, the dynamic vital, then we expand our consciousness there in the vital also. Then there can be no fear there.

Now, fear in the mind. Try, if you can, to empty your mind daily. The mind is full of doubt, obscurity, ignorance, suspicion and so forth. Early in the morning you can try, say for ten minutes, to conquer thought — not to allow any thought to enter, good, bad, divine or undivine. No thought. Feel that your mind is like a vessel. First you empty it. Now you are waiting — for what? For peace, light and bliss. But if you do not empty the vessel, when peace, bliss and light descend, they will be contaminated. How can you make your mind totally empty? Just do not allow any thought to enter your mind. No thought. If thought comes, try to kill it. Then, after some time, after a few days, allow only the divine thoughts which are your friends. In the beginning you do not know who your friends are and who your enemies are. You have to be very careful. Later on, you allow only your friends, that is to say, divine thoughts, progressive thoughts, illumined thoughts. These thoughts will undoubtedly conquer fear in the mind on your behalf.

Why is there fear in the physical, in the vital, in the mind? Precisely because something in you does not want to expand your consciousness. I am separate from you. You are separate from me. That's why I am afraid of you and you are afraid of me. This is what happens. But, if we realise the Highest, then immediately we feel the length and breadth of the world, the whole universe, as our very own. Only in expansion can we expel fear. If you expand your consciousness, then you become part and parcel of others. You belong to others; others belong to you. How can you be afraid of anybody else when you represent Divinity in humanity, and they represent the same Divinity in humanity? There can be no fear.

Now, fear in the heart. The aspiring heart has no fear, but the unaspiring heart has fear. The aspiring heart has a flame, a burning, mounting flame. Where there is light, there cannot be fear. The aspiring heart has a burning flame that mounts towards the Highest. Fear is bound to play its role in the unaspiring heart.

Now how can we conquer fear in the unaspiring heart? Here we have to take help directly from the soul. Where is the soul? How many of us have seen the soul or felt it? When you meditate here, directly on the heart centre, first you have to know if you are really and truly meditating on the heart centre proper. Then, try to feel at every moment, or, let us say, every time you breathe in, you are digging into your heart. This is not violent digging. No. It is only a divinely intensified feeling you have inside your heart that you are going deep, deep, deep within. Each time you breathe in, feel that you are going deep within. And then, a few days or a few months later, you are bound to feel a twinge or you will hear a very tiny sound. When you hear the sound, try to see if the sound is caused by anything or not. That is to say, when we want to hear a sound, we need two hands to clap. But try to see or hear if the sound you are hearing is the result of something struck, or if it is spontaneous. Here the sound is automatic; two things are not struck together. It is spontaneous. So, when you feel that sound inside, like a celestial gong, then you are bound to conquer fear in your unaspiring heart.

But, to come back to your question, fear in every sphere of our being can be conquered through our inner cry, and this inner cry we call aspiration.