Question: Can you tell us the place of the will?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes. Willpower is of paramount importance. But we have to know which Willpower we are discussing. The soul’s Willpower is here, deep within. We also think of will in an aggressive sense, in an aggressive way; we use our undivine vital power to destroy. We make a mistake if we take the undivine vital power and the soul’s Willpower as one. That vital power does not come from the real Willpower. Real Willpower we get directly from the soul, here within, and this soul’s Willpower we all truly need. If we do not have the power from within, the soul’s power, we will not succeed in achieving anything in the spiritual life. In the outer life also it is of great importance if we can bring to the fore the soul’s Willpower, Soul-power. Now, how can we do it? How can we develop it? How can we cultivate this Willpower?

One takes exercise every day if one wants to be an athlete. If one day he takes exercise and then for ten days he doesn’t take any exercise, then he cannot be a good athlete. In the spiritual life also, we are all divine soldiers. At every moment we are fighting against our inner enemies. Our inner enemies are our doubt, fear, suspicions, worries, anxieties and so forth. At every moment, we have to hunt these inner animals, and here, what is our weapon? Aspiration. With our aspiration, we can hunt, we can kill all these animals, the animal qualities, animal propensities in us. Along with aspiration, we have to have Willpower also. It has to be cultivated and developed. One cannot have abundant Willpower or adamantine Willpower overnight. If one is wanting in Willpower, then you can be sure that that particular person will not be able to realise the Highest. He can make progress in the inner life, but this progress is of no great value. Willpower means immediate progress, immediate success and immediate achievement and fulfilment. This we can and we will get directly from the soul. The soul’s light, when manifested in a dynamic way, is called Willpower.